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Community Description - Lenghly Explanation

***NOTICE*** This Post is now Public and Anyone May Access it. Comment in this Post at your Discretion ***NOTICE***
About the Community
This is a community designed with the intention to help people iron out the aspects that involved one or more events of sexual assault. There are tons of support groups out there that offer just that, support. We're here to offer something rather extreme and different, at least in the support group world.

Remember, we are not counselors. This is not a counseling group.

If you are currently in counseling, please consult your therapist about this community and the idea behind it. It may or may not be advisable based upon your point of recovery.

Members requesting to be interviewed will post as detailed an explanation as possible to outline a single incident. Then, we (moderators and/or members) will follow-up with questions that are specific to the story. They'll reply, we'll reply and so on and so forth.

There are so many survivors out there who can't recall or won't allow themselves access to those memories, even though we know they're there. This is a process that people can actually create their story in message board format.

When the member is done telling their story, with the help of our specific questions, we (the moderators) will write their story in completion and submit it as a new thread in the forum (or directly to them if they prefer). Members will also be given the option to rewrite the story themselves, if they prefer.

All completed interviews will be posted as a new thread. You may or may not choose to have your username attached to the completed thread post. This way you can choose to be identified with your story or not. If you would prefer not to have your completed story posted as a new thread, please request so in your initial post so we may email you the completed story. Or maybe you won't even want the completed story. That will all be up to you. We will do our best to work with you.

You should post to the community to start your interview. It will not show in the community until a moderator approves the post. Post approval will likely not be immediate. Currently, active interviews are limited to four.

Here is a sample of an initial explanation and subsequent interview. The final re-written story can be found here. Please be sure to read the interview first so that you know how the final story was formulated.

If after reading all of this, you’re still interested in joining this community, please read through our community rules.

If you’re thinking that we have a very strict format, you’re right, we do. But, we do this because we’ve found that this unique type of community will only thrive on organization. We need everyone here to feel comfortable and protected. Rules and a format provide all of that and more.
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