Look into my eyes, discover my soul (goodthingscomin) wrote in abuse_interview,
Look into my eyes, discover my soul

Important information regarding posting in a forum and if you're in counseling.

***NOTICE*** This Post is now Public and Anyone May Access it. Comment in this Post at your Discretion ***NOTICE***
If this is the first time you are telling anyone ANYTHING, please be sure that this is the means in which you want to share it, here in a public forum.

You may want to consider writing down your request for an interview privately, to begin with. Set it aside for a few days, or whatever works for you, and then readdress it. See what emotion it brings about. See for yourself if that is acceptable. You need to understand that the questions asked in this community will be very up front. If you post, you should be able to accept the comments/questions to your writing. This is completely different than making comments to other's experiences.

Remember, we are not counselors. If you are currently in counseling, we suggest that you inform your counselor that you are considering this type of recovery group. It's important to discuss the pros and cons specifically for you.

Anyone who has been sexually assaulted is welcome to join. You are not required to post for an interview to be a member of this community.
We do expect you to participate by asking questions in other people's interviews. We understand that not everyone may not be comfortable yet to post the story of their incident. Some people need to build trust with the people whom they choose to share it with before they can actually share.
We are understanding of that. This is why we believe that participating in a different manner than the actual interview may help you build up to an interview post yourself.
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