being_chrysalis (being_chrysalis) wrote in abuse_interview,

Joining the community (and why we need email addys)

when you submit a membership request, here are the things that we need to have in order to start talking to you about joining the community:

1. EMAIL us at - - initially this can just be a "Hi, I want to join the community, my lj username is ...."
2. Once we have your email addy and lj username, we will email you and the conversation can begin!

...if you do not email us, we can't contact you. In the past we have hunted down email addresses and searched on lj members' journals, websites, etc for email addresses so we can contact them. We aren't going to do that anymore. It is your responsibility to contact US by email once you have requested membership. It is also your responsibility to reply to emails we send you in return :)

There are going to be a lot of times when we will need to talk to you off-post --- at the initial membership request period, when you submit a request to be interviewed, and when your interview is on deck, ready to be the next one up. We will also from time-to-time contact you during the interview process. We want this to be a safe and healing process for everyone so without an email address (and lj username to connect to it) we simply cannot make this process work!

AND.. just to be sure everyone knows where to find it - our email address is:

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