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Community Rules

***NOTICE*** This Post is now Public and Anyone May Access it. Comment in this Post at your Discretion ***NOTICE***
Community rules
1)All members who request admission to the community are required to speak with one or more of the moderators prior to approval. This simply involves conversation through email or through an instant messaging service. You are required to email your preferred method to abuseinterview@gmail.com. We do this for the safety of you and our members. No one should feel uncomfortable here. You should feel protected and safe.

2)Participants are expected to be sensitive to others who post here. Posts and comments are routinely read by moderators, and if anyone is trolling, they will be banned without notice.

3)This community exists for the soul purpose of unraveling a past experience. Any post or comment criticizing actions or feelings will be deleted. Posts or comments that encourage self-destructive behaviors including but not limited to eating disorders and cutting, will be deleted. Repeated offenders will be banned.

4)In order to post for an interview, we require that you were the abused individual. It is understandably a traumatic event to witness someone else being abused, but this community is set up to help someone who survived a sexual assault to their person.

5)Hateful, harassing language will not be tolerated. Ignorance and baiting are not permitted.

6)Moderators reserve the right to screen posts to make sure they adhere to the LJ TOS and general ethical standards.

7)The purpose of this community is to give deeper insight into the assault a person has experienced. Repressed memories can often be influenced by outsiders because of the difficulty one has in putting pieces of their memory together. We will not interview based upon repressed memories for the simple fact that we do not want to influence one's memories in any way. It also makes questioning difficult when one has only a fuzzy or almost non-existent memory of the actual assault. Lastly, it could be extremely triggering to bring the repressed memories to the surface when you have no idea what to expect. We suggest you seek professional guidance if this is your quest.

8)We ask that icons be kept non-triggering. The process of healing is very difficult as it is, we need all the support we can get. The stories and the questions in this community are triggering enough, we are trying to keep triggering images outside of this realm. Icons that remind one of being assaulted, self-victimization, low self-image, or other triggering subjects can be extremely distracting in this case. Please create your icons accordingly. We have no tolerance for those that cannot respect this rule, therefore after 2 warnings you will be removed from the community.
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